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 Vehicle Check-List 

  • Check air lines and fittings for leaks: rubbing on air spring. 
  • Check for proper clearance around air spring when inflated. Generally, a minimum of 36 mm will allow for the increased diameter which occurs in heavy jounce. 
  • Periodically, check suspension for proper ride height. This dimension should be maintained +/- 7 mm to protect the springs and shocks from over-extension or frequent bottoming out of the suspension. 
  • When doing routine vehicle maintenance, block up the suspension and check for irregular wear or material build-up on the flexmember. Clean, if necessary, using a non-petroleum based cleaning solution. 
  • Check rolling lobe piston for material build-up. Hardened debris on the piston will shorten spring life and should be removed as part of your regular maintenance. 
  • Check shock absorbers for any signs of leaking hydraulic fluid, broken end connections, worn bushings or cylinders, over extension. 
  • Periodically, check nuts and bolts for proper torque. See manufacturer’s manual for specific recommendations. 
  • Check height control valve to see that it is functioning properly. Clean or replace, if necessary. A properly maintained valve will save hundreds of dollars in unneeded maintenance expense. 
  • Routine inspection of all of the above, according to a pre-determined mileage maintenance schedule, will extend the life of your vehicle and reduce your overall maintenance expense.